All the Ingredients to Build Smarter.

The opposite of a trade show.

We don’t believe in aimlessly wandering around a convention center, lost among a sea of faces. At RestaurantSpaces, we bring the top restaurant chains together in an intimate, casual setting, to imagine the future of development, design, technology and customer experience.

Unlike most industry events, RestaurantSpaces is limited to a select, invite-only audience, striving for a healthy balance of the following:

Unforgettable Networking

Multiple networking activities and a dinner party with surprise entertainment, there are plenty of moments to break down barriers and establish meaningful relationships.

Cutting Edge Content

Our carefully curated agenda features thought-provoking talks from leading industry experts, while also allowing for intimate group discussions around issues top of mind for restaurant executives.

Strategic Sourcing

Through our private matchmaking app, attendees can lock in face time with leading suppliers and service providers, forging new partnerships for that upcoming rollout or ongoing initiative.

Who Attends?

RestaurantSpaces is an invite-only gathering. Invited participants lead development, design, construction and operations for the world’s leading restaurant chains.

Job Titles Include


SVP of Restaurant Development, VP of Design & Construction, VP of Architecture & Engineering, VP of Innovation.

SVP of Information Technology, VP of Technology, VP of Information Systems


“Fantastic event…provides a challenge and inspiration to think differently and outside the box.”


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Oh, how we’ve grown!



influence group produces invite-only leadership forums.

The opposite of a trade show, influence events are intimate, personable and centered around building meaningful relationships.

Genuine People. Honest Dialogue. Effective Collaboration.