Oct 17-19, 2021
Palm Springs, CA

Our Signature in-person event.

RestaurantSpaces seamlessly weaves contentstrategic sourcing, and community building together to create an intimate, immersive experience unique to the industry.


RestaurantSpaces 2021 will be hosted in Palm Springs, CA! Situated right where the great deserts of Southern California begin and flanked by forested mountains, this is the perfect place to get away from your daily grind and innovate with your peers…

Essential Content.

The restaurant landscape has never looked more different. We’ll explore the disruption with you, showcasing the sharpest minds in the industry, as well as those unafraid of instigating radical, yet necessary change. Provocative. Engaging. Collaborative. 

Program and speaker lineup will be announced Spring 2021.

Major trends we explored in 2020:

Inside the Restaurant of 2030


Virtual Restaurants: To Ghost or Not to Ghost?

The Future of Delivery and Order Ahead

The Evolution of the Drive-Thru


And much, much more!

Enhancing Labor Efficiency with Automation

The Robotic Restaurant: Far-Fetched or Near Future?

And much, much more!

Strategic Sourcing.

From virtual kitchens to project management services to BOH equipment, we bring together a diverse mix of leading suppliers for you to meet with one-on-one. Through our app, you can schedule face time with only the companies that match your needs.


Effective event networking isn’t about how many business cards and emails you can collect. It’s about walking away with at least a handful of people you genuinely want to reach out to afterward… People you wouldn’t normally have met before. Thanks to our mix of local excursions and unique get-togethers, you’ll connect with others in a way you haven’t before. Expect the kind of hallway conversations that lead to lifelong friendships.

Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort 

Nestled in Greater Palm Springs, Hyatt Regency Indian Wells Resort & Spa offers a variety of world-class accommodations, total wellness services and outdoor recreation, a luxe hideaway to encourage real collaboration.

Want a better feel for RestaurantSpaces Live?

Check out this video.

Want a better feel for RestaurantSpaces Live?

Check out this video.

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Check out our RestaurantSpaces MasterMind Series. Carefully curated virtual roundtables for the candid sharing of ideas & best practices.

Navigate the disruption underway. Together.


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